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October 2015

A Month-Long Contradiction

Woman holds in her hand a terrified Halloween pumpkin

The month of October is recognized as Domestic Violence Awareness month throughout the United States to create an awareness of this issue with the general public and to identify support services and resources for victims of domestic violence. This 30-day campaign lets victims know they don’t have to hide behind masks to protect themselves, but to seek help because there are supports out there waiting for them to speak out.

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Creating Positive Routines at Home

Providing structure for your child helps encourage healthy growth and development. Much like in school, having a schedule alleviates the fear of uncertainty, which often lessens the chances of behavioral outbursts. Creating these positive behavior routines (schedules) can often be challenging for parents to do at home. Even though it may take some time to get a routine setup, once it is in place, families typically experience less stress, see less meltdowns and have children who are in a better place emotionally.

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