June is a fun and busy time of year for children. School is out and summer activities are starting up. Neighborhoods are full of children’s laughter, scooters and bikes zooming down sidewalks, and chalk art on display for all to see. With children spending this much time outside, it is important to remind them of the very real dangers out in the world. June is Safety Awareness Month, and the Crisis Nursery has some tips for you to share with your children about being safe, at every age.

Toddler Safety Tips

  • Does your toddler know your name?
  • Teach them to stay within site when playing
  • Proper names for body parts and how private parts are different than the rest of the body
  • When it comes to his/her body, no means no
  • Uh-oh feeling: always tell a caregiver when you are feeling scared or confused

Preschool Safety Tips

  • How to use 911: your child should know their address and phone number
  • Say “No!” to uncomfortable of confusing touch
  • Yell “Call 911! I need a grown up!” when in trouble
  • Remember, adults don’t ask kids for help, always stay where other people can see you

Elementary Safety Tips

  • Have a family password when someone other than Mom or Dad will be sent to pick up the child
  • Create a list of trusted adults and phone numbers to call in case of an emergency
  • Buddy system when playing
  • Online safety
  • It’s not okay to keep secrets from parents
  • Age-appropriate information about sex

Middle School Safety Tips

  • How well do you know your child’s friends?
  • Don’t put personal information online
  • Difference between mentor vs relationship
  • Cell phone and texting guidelines: think before you send
  • Rules and responsibilities when at home alone
  • Respect is a basic right in all relationships

As parents, it is always a scary thing to think of that heart stopping moment when you don’t see your child in a public place or you see an individual looming near your home. These types of situations can happen anywhere and at any time of the year. It is important to speak to children about their safety and what to do in case of an emergency.