Now that school is officially underway- how are you managing that back to school anxiety? This is always tricky and effects more kids than we think.

In our house, we try to make back to school exciting for each child. We plan a “special day” to take them shopping for their new school items. We also have special visitors show up on the first day of school to distract them from any first day fears that may be present.

Here are some ideas to help your child deal with the stress of a new school year:

  1. Planning play dates or fun after school activities are a great way to encourage positive feelings around the new school year and exciting new opportunities.
  2. As parent’s, we want to make sure we are putting a positive spin on every new experience, especially back to school. However, make sure you remember to listen to your child and if they are consistently struggling with a classmate, teacher, or class and help them figure out possible solutions. It is important to ask questions that highlight when the right time would be for you to step in. Here are 60 Questions to ask your children after schoolthat will make sure you are aware of any red flags that your child may need help with.
  3. What is your goodbye ritual? Do your children have a favorite song they like to listen to in the car? Integrate some special time on the way to school, or while you are waiting for the bus to create a positive vibe before they head out for the day.
  4. Homework how-to’s! As easy as it is for a parent to get the kids home and immediately have them sit at the table to do their homework,it is not always the most beneficial for each child. Some children love to get home and get their homework done immediately! Other children need that time away to reset and come back after clearing their mind or releasing some energy from the day. This can also vary day to day depending on other factors. Make sure to assess what works best for them and yourself, as they may need help.
  5. Make sure you are helping them plan their workloads so they are not overwhelmed. Help your children break up each item and take a break between one subject to the next.
  6. Encourage your child to get up and come back to an assignment if they are struggling.